How to play football

How to play football

How to play football

Football is one of the most popular sports around the world, and there are many reasons for football to gain such fame, most notably the simple rules that govern the game, and football is played on a field with dimensions that vary depending on the age group on which the game is played. The stadium is surrounded by side lines that define its dimensions, and it also contains a penalty area for each team and a line drawn in the middle of the stadium, and a football match begins One of the two teams possesses the ball and then passes it among the players of the team and moves it forward with the aim of reaching the goal of the opposing team, whose players work to counter this attack and prevent the team that owns the ball from reaching their goal, and competition remains for possession of the ball throughout the football match Which lasts for a period of 90 minutes, divided into two halves of 45 minutes each Play continues between the two teams with the aim of scoring goals; This is done by each team passing the ball and shooting it at the opposing team’s goal; Where a goal is awarded to one of the two teams when one of its players manages to pass the ball across the opposing team’s goal line, whether through direct shooting, or through penalty kicks, or free kicks, and after the time allotted for the match ends, the team that can score the most number of goals is considered The goals are winning the match, and in some types of matches, and if the result ends in a tie for both teams in terms of the number of goals scored, additional runs or even penalty kicks are used to decide the outcome of the match.

How to play football

  • How to distribute players on the field

Professional football matches are played by eleven players for each team,[3] and the players of each team are distributed to a number of centers on the football field according to four categories.

  • Goalkeeper

This player’s main task on the soccer field is to prevent the ball from entering his team’s goal.

  • Defensive Players

Defensive line players are located behind the center midfield line, and these players are assigned the task of preventing the other team’s players from scoring goals and blocking them.

How to play football

  • Offensive players

These players play near the opposing team’s goal, and their main job on the field is to score goals and the players of this position need speed, strength, and accuracy in shooting at the goal.

  • Midfielders

Midfielders are the link between the defense and attack lines; They carry out defensive and offensive duties, and they also possess, control and pass the ball.






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