Koura Academy in Singapore

Koura Academy in Singapore

Koura Academy in Singapore

Age groups are considered the backbone of football, so there is no development or continuity for any national team or team unless its emerging base is full of distinguished players who can form the nucleus of the first team in the future, and they are always classified as the club’s children since the club has taken care of them since The beginning of their football career and brought them to the top of their level, and this is what parents generally do with their children in this life

Koura Academy in Singapore

As in all countries of the world, there are also age groups in Lebanon, but of course they are not completely different from hate, which suffers from many problems in light of the country’s reality and the difficult circumstances it is going through. In this investigation, we will not talk much about the reality of football, as it is known to most readers, but we will try to define more about the meaning of the existence of age groups in football, its reality and what are the stages that any player goes through, from the buds category gradually up to playing with the first team, Which is the dream of every boy who started kicking the ball since he learned to walk

Age group league

There is a youth league for under 19 years old, and another for juniors under 17 years old. There is also a youth league for under 14 years old, and a special league for academies has been created for under 12 years old, which is known as Al Baraem. The federation requires first-class clubs to participate in at least two age groups, in order to encourage clubs to pay attention to their age groups. There was previously a category of hopes, that is, for under-21 years, as it was a reserve league, but this category was canceled two years ago and each first-class team was forced to include more than one young player on his lists registered in the Football Association.

Koura Academy in Singapore

Spread of academies

The first step in the age groups is usually the academies, which have spread greatly in the recent period, and there is no doubt that the aim of many of them is purely commercial, but without mentioning names, the academy is doing serious and distinguished work to discover talents, especially since the academies begin to receive children at the age of about 7 Or 8 years, and this is what makes the boy work from the beginning of his upbringing with coaches. The goal of these academies, as we mentioned, should be to prepare the boy for football until he reaches the age of 11 or 12A year ago, here the teams begin to monitor the distinguished players of the academies, and the goal is clear: to include talented players in their ranks in order to support their teams that participate in the general league. And the first official station for boys is in the Cubs League, that is, under 14 years old, and if we take a look at the players of the participating teams, we find that most of them are graduates of academies or started their ranks in the academy.



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