What is the importance of soccer?

What is the importance of soccer?

What is the importance of soccer? : The football game is one of the oldest and most famous sports in the world, where people of all ages and groups follow the various matches, whether those that are held at the local, international, global or continental level between country teams or clubs. The football game is played through two opposing teams consisting of Each of them consists of 11 players, each team aims to score more goals in the opponent’s goal to achieve victory within 90 minutes, divided into two halves, and there is a referee to organize the play.

Football can be learned in a simple way between relatives or friends in the neighborhood, the playgrounds designated for that, or in the school playgrounds, and it is possible to join one of the clubs that teach football.
Football is an important sport for athletes, in addition to being entertaining, as it helps to increase breathing, strengthen the muscles of the body, and obtain a strong healthy body. It is also a community sport that requires individuals to interact with each other and understand the principle of sportsmanship.

What is the importance of soccer?

Football is distinguished as one of the most famous sports around the world due to its ease of understanding and understanding of its laws, in addition to the fact that it does not require spending a lot of money to practice it.
Football is important on a personal level, as its practice gives one a high level of physical fitness, in addition to the pleasure he gets while practicing or watching the sport he loves.
At the country level, football is of great importance that benefits the economy by hosting major world championships, which bring the country a lot of economic recovery

Football is one of the most important sports due to its importance, which can be summarized in these points:

It has several health benefits, as the sport of football requires muscular effort, and thus works automatically to strengthen the body and build muscles
Strengthens memory and concentration and occupies the mind and thought
It helps the individual to form new friendships and relationships
It instills in young people many values ​​such as belonging, enhances the spirit of cooperation, and realizes the concept of cooperation and teamwork
The individual gains clear mental growth and physical growth from it
Help the individual take responsibility
It is one of the most popular sports that some people follow for entertainment

At the state level, it works to collect youth talents in the field of sports and employ them in a way that serves the national team
The advancement and upgrading of the state in the fact that the team is making progress and making glory and victories

7 important benefits of playing soccer for your child



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