soccer academy Singapore

soccer academy Singapore

soccer academy Singapore : high performance academies offer young soccer players the opportunity to train at a high level and advanced without neglecting their education and are dedicated to building the character of their students and educating responsible and respectful youth.

Academies usually offer young players the best facilities, training available and the opportunity to play regularly with and against other top players in the region and these factors can have a huge positive impact on the development of young footballers.

Football also has great benefits for children, as it helps the child to grow faster, and the child learns several skills and social tasks such as the cooperative spirit in the field of football.

soccer academy Singapore

football academy in Singapore

The Academies are where young footballers learn the skills needed to become quality players with special training plans and a suitable environment created by clubs to develop young players.

Also, most of the Premier League clubs in the five powerful European leagues have such academies in order to build high-level players who are able to benefit them in the future in achieving trophies.

Advanced Professional Clubs Their academies are subject to an audited and independent evaluation system, where clubs are evaluated into different categories according to approved criteria and are given a rank from “1 to 4”.

Category “1” Academies are high performance academies which are boarding schools for footballers who have the potential to become future professional footballers.

soccer academy Singapore

Football academies missions

Players live, train and study at these football academies during the school year and receive personalized advice and guidance on the best options for playing professional football. Education and training in these academies is run in the form of courses.

What distinguishes the football academies is that they follow their trainees in all aspects of their lives, as they try to develop the trainees and develop their various abilities by enhancing their sportsmanship.

And in general, it is one of the most important foundations of sports building for football and for all other team and individual games, and it has become of great importance and fruitfulness because it helps to discover talents and develop them properly.

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