Singapore Football Academy

Singapore Football Academy : Practicing sports, whether football or others, has many benefits on human health in all respects, so sports were classified as very important for individual health and disease prevention.

And here comes football as an important sport, as it is the most popular sport around the world and has become of great importance in recent times. Therefore, football academies appeared to educate young people and achieve the leap in levels and skills to make them professional players.

Here comes the role of the Eurosoccer Academy to help young players to practice their hobby of football in order to maintain the body and general health and to provide special programs for that before making them distinguished football players.

We also provide coaches and supervisors specialized in the field of football for players and plan special programs to develop their capabilities and provide systems and regulations that achieve this purpose in order to reach them to the highest professional point.

Singapore Football Academy

Football academy for kids training

Euro soccer Academy is an independent academy for training children at an early age. The academy is based on important strategies. The academy aims to create a healthy lifestyle in children and help their parents provide an integrated education for their children through sports.

Our academy also provides comprehensive training suitable for the ages of children, where our first goal is to form professional players by building their character on the field and we are working to educate them besides the basics of football is respect for teamwork and ambition to reach the highest professional point.

One of the most important features of the Euro soccer Academy is the provision of friendly matches and going out in local and regional camps and camps in order to ensure that they are taught the basics of football.

Our academy begins with training from the foundation level for ages less than 4 years, then the development level, which is the basic program that qualifies the player to reach the last level, which is the advanced and professional level.

Singapore Football Academy

Junior Football Academy

The Euro soccer Academy is a modern academy where we work providing modern possibilities in football training for children and adults ESA is an educational environment designed for boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 17 We are a European style football academy for players and parents who value appropriate learning of the game at younger ages.

The academy aims to instill a culture of sports in young people and develop their football skills to make them distinguished players around the world at football maturity and help players pump them to clubs and make football a way to hone young football talents.

And there is a permanent consultation between our coaches at all age levels in the academy to provide technical and analytical sessions for the academy’s buds that result in the escalation of some distinctive elements to a bigger and stronger stage for a period of time to gain experience and increase mental football maturity



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