Date : 17-21 October
8:30-11:30am daily
Venue : The Rainforest Sports Hub
( 2 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 287988 )
Fee : $65/day, $300/ week
**We offer a 10% sibling discount for the same day participation.



ESA Camp Curriculum

Technical Skills:
ESA will provide a progressive training program, focusing on improving the technical skills of each individual player.

The players will develop an understanding of their role on a team and further their understanding of the importance of different tactical approaches during a match.

Physical Abilities:
ESA will stress the importance of conditioning and physical training. It will also focus on what it takes for a player to develop their body in order to maximize their performance.


Sports Psychology:
ESA will stress the importance of a healthy positive attitude towards training, teammates, opponents, and most importantly, the Game. Players will learn how to play their best under any conditions.

Leadership & Life Skills:
The second component of the Camp curriculum focuses on what it takes for a player not only to be a good soccer player, but also a positive role model and leader. Parents and family are welcomed to observe camp throughout the day. We strongly encourage attending during game match play. Unless it is an emergency, we only ask that you do not interfere during camp so that coaches are able to provide your child with the best camp experience possible.

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