No refund and / or no credit will be issued once a payment has been done, except under the following circumstances:

  • When the player gets serious injury, illness and / or disease which require the player to stay off the training sessions more than 4 weeks, the player may choose either to receive a prorated refund or a prorated credit. The prorated will be based on the date of the doctor’s note, or the date of request, whichever is later.
  • When the player has to leave the country, a prorated refund may be issued. We will require the player to give the academy 1 month advance notice. 
  • When the academy has to cease the operation temporarily or permanently,  a prorated refund will be issued to each player who has paid for the term.

Replacement policy 

  • When the academy has to cancel the training session due to bad weather(thunder storm, haze etc) and/or any advisory from the government, replacement session(s) will be arranged by the academy within the term. 
  • If the player can’t attend training session(s) due to sickness, we’ll provide up to 2 makeup session(s) per term provided the doctor’s note ( MC slip) is submitted.
  • If the replacement session(s) cannot be scheduled within the same term, the academy will provide a prorated credit for the next term.
  • Player(s) may use the credit either for the term fee or camp fee, not be used for league and/or tournament fee.

No replacement sessions will be given when a player misses a training session(s) due to any personal issues, last minute scheduling conflicts, traveling and / or absentees that is non-injury related.



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