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About Euro soccer

About Euro Soccer

Who we are

Euro Soccer Academy in singapore is a learning environment designed for boys and girls ages 4-18. We are a private, European-style soccer academy for players and parents who value proper learning of the game at the youngest ages.

ESA is purely devoted to proper development of each player both on and off the field. We seek to improve players' abilities, circumstances, and opportunities by helping parents navigate through the complex world of youth sports in an effort to maximize overall development. 

We aim to graduate all players by age 14-18 so they can make the best club or school team for their capabilities. This is a very unique approach    to youth soccer, and we look forward to helping each player train, play, compete, and develop!




•To instill long-lasting, positive core values through the beautiful game of soccer.
•To give players the soccer education they need in order to achieve their personal future athletic goals.
•To maximize passion and joy for the game of soccer in order to improve health and quality of life through lifelong participation in sport.
•To provide a variety of programs for players of all ages and skill levels at an affordable price.


Our philosophy and methodology underpins everything we do. We have set principles, which we believe in. First and foremost, effective player development is about providing a stimulating and challenging environment for players to improve their unique Soccer abilities. We do this in a pioneering and innovative format.

Euro Soccer Academy specializes in differentiating the five corners of (technical, tactical, physical, psychological and social requirements of the individual). We believe being good with the ball is only a very small part of full development and so we adhere to these 5 corners – a player may have refined techniques but without a work ethic or game understanding their progression will be limited. Our programmers put the positional and age specific individual requirements of each individual under the microscope.

Core values

  • Learning
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Relationships
  • Professionalism


The future

Wherever you want to go in the next stage in your development, Euro Soccer Academy in singapore will help you in your efforts to get there. If you’re good enough for professional soccer, we can open the doors for you. But, no matter what your soccer level is, we will also make sure you achieve your full academic potential – the two goals are not exclusive.